Nuruddin Rishi: Unveiling of Light

I saw Light—
I cannot call it darkness.
A sprig of sweet basil
I cannot call nettle.
My heart’s door, I cannot close.
Glass I cannot use to solder gold.
I experienced the Lord—
I cannot hide.
Joined with the Self is my self.

* * *

Those wo dissolve in
the sacred vision within,
act deaf and dumb on the outside.
Unscathed they emerge from the fire.
Priceless jewels thus they are.

* * *

I searched for Him in different worlds and in six directions.
Not a trace did I find anywhere.
I asked Mullahs and ascetics—
They were annoyed to hear
my questions again and again.
When I let go of my thoughts and doubts,
I saw Him pervading all—
and I was nowhere.

Nuruddin Rishi
tr. Jaishree K. Odin

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