Preparing the Site on Ilaló

It has been an exciting week in Quito. Two years ago, The Inner Call reported that mureeds here had acquired land on the slopes of Ilaló, with the intention of building a Sufi temple. In spite of the pandemic the project is still very much alive. A non-profit organisation, the Fundación Inayat, has been officially registered, and Rafiduddin Fabian Medina, an architect and member of the group in Barcelona, has produced an exquisite design that respects the natural values of the site. Now that travel is again possible he has come to Ecuador to visit the land, talk with the group, and meet with local engineers, builders and architects.

The design of the circular temple resembles a five petalled flower. There are three levels: the main floor with an altar, ringed by an upper gallery or balcony, and a lower meditation space. The main space and the balcony are open to the sky, although the plan includes a sun shade that can be deployed when needed. The lower enclosed area will be sheltered from the weather. We think of it as our Zikar Hall.

Conversations during the past week have detailed and very practical. How to work with the volcanic soil called cangahua? What kind of materials for the ribs of the temple – metal or wood? If wood, what type? Can we manage transport on the steep and narrow roads? What to do with the hundreds of cubic meters of soil excavated from the site? Is there an ecological and economical way to heat the floor in the Zikar Hall? (– There is!) And so on. It is a highly creative process, guided always by the thought that decisions made now will affect the use of the temple for decades to come.

To make it all more concrete, on the 13th of November, a work party erected poles on the site to mark the perimeter of the circle where the temple will stand.

The next steps will be the preparation of a budget, and then of course, fundraising. As the project is not very complicated, once funds are in place the construction could be completed in a few months. The Inner Call will bring more news when it is available

10 Replies to “Preparing the Site on Ilaló”

  1. Sabura

    Dear One, Thank you for updating us on this project. How exciting to hear how the plans are taking shape. Blessings to the whole team!

  2. H

    Beloved Murshid’s
    Thank you for the update.
    Sounds wonderful!
    Can’t wait to see it!
    Sending love and gratitude to you all for making the effort for this amazing project
    God bless you

  3. Sharifa

    No existen palabras para expresar cuán grande y significativo es este proyecto. Ecuador, y en especial Los Valles, son un sitio que mi familia guarda en un lugar sagrado del corazón.
    Gratitud infinita a lo Visible e Invisible que hizo posible este proyecto.

  4. Shakti

    This is wonderful news! Thank you for this detailed up date and the pictures. In gratitude to the One and with thanks and blessings to all involved in the process of bringing this to fruition.

  5. Nuria

    This is wonderful. The plans use sacred geometry so beautifully. It will be amazing to be there and experience the energy. It reminds me of something I have seen and know but cannot quite remember.

  6. Howard Olivier

    This project feels encircled with a special energy, may the way be open for an unreasonably powerful experiene and result. Ya Fattah!!

  7. Josephine M Lolicato

    Here is the home of the angels.
    A beautiful conception of spaces.
    Nawab your description echoes joy and beauty.
    And Zikar awaits.
    Shakur Allah.


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