Problem Solved?

People spend a great deal of energy, although never enough, it seems, on trying to solve the problem of God.  Is there a God?  Or perhaps there is no such being?  If there is a God, does God have a personality?  An appearance? A particular language? Or is God impersonal, some sort of abstract energy?  And if there is a God, then where is God to be found?  Does God know about me and my troubles? Why doesn’t God speak to me?  And so on, and on and on.

This puzzling after the solution comes from our certainty that what we have and what we appear to be is not complete.  We are dissatisfied, without being able to clearly say what would satisfy us.  In a way, this search is similar to the fretting of a small child, wanting one thing and then another, a toy, a story, a drink of water, but not really happy with anything.  The wise parent might see that the child is tired, and needs sleep, but that is usually the one remedy the child does not ask for.

In the case of our attempt to solve the problem of God, we take up one answer and then another, struggling to make each one fit in the puzzle, with growing frustration.  It is a search without an end, because like the small child, we are looking in the wrong place.  We are trying to solve the problem of God, but God is not the problem; it is we ourselves who are the problem.  Seen from another point of view (for example, from above the distinctions and differences which divide mankind), the story is that of the Unseen trying to solve us.

With infinite patience, the Divine Presence waits for the opportunity, the right   combination of sincerity, humility, and love on our part, to gently draw back the veils we have been holding.

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  1. Zubin Shore

    Surely then “Use us for the purpose Thy wisdom chooseth” becomes possible. much appreciated,


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