Rahman Baba : The One

Rahman Baba or Abdur Rahman Momand (1632 – 1706 CE) was a renowned Sufi dervish in the Peshawar region during the Mughal era. Little is known of his personal life, but he remains one of the most popular poets in the Pashto language.

If for a soul-mate you dream,
See past the alluring fashion of her dress.

The vision of such flowing hair
Entwines around the heart, but
Constricts and squeezes out the one it treasures most.

Instead, follow the creator of this world;
Who fashioned each soul from love,
And made passion the highest goal.

The time to start the quest is now.
There is no second chance
To embrace the joy, the pain,
Of the one
Who longs
For you.

Translation Robert Sampson and Momin Khan

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