Ramakrishna : All are seeking the same

For some background on Sri Ramakrishna, see this post.

It is not good to say that what we ourselves think of God is the only truth and what others think is false; that because we think of God as formless, therefore He is formless and cannot have any form; that because we think of God as having form, therefore He has form. Can a man really fathom God’s nature?

I see people who talk about religion constantly quarrelling with one another. Hindus, Musulmans, Brahmos, Shaktas, Vaishnavas, Shaivas, all quarrel with one another. They haven’t the intelligence to understand that He who is called Krishna is also Shiva and the Primal Shakti, and that it is He, again, who is called Jesus and Allah. ‘There is only one Rama and he has a thousand names.’ Truth is one; it is only called by different names. All people are seeking the same Truth; the disagreement is due to differences in climate, temperament and names. Everyone is going toward God. They will realize Him if they have sincerity and longing of heart.

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