Raskhan : Effortless Worship

The poet and mystic Raskhan (ca. 1548 – 1628 CE) was born to a Muslim Pashtun family, perhaps in Kabul, but came to India, and subsequently became a follower of Krishna. Little is known about his life, but one story tells that he went with his Sufi teacher to Brindaban, where Krishna is said to have spent his childhood, and there lost consciousness. In a vision, Krishna gave him the spiritual name Raskhan, and he became a devotee, remaining in Brindaban for the rest of his life.

Listen to everyone, but don’t say a word.
     In this manner, remain in the world.

Perform your vows and practices with sincerity —
     they will carry you across
          the mind ocean.

Greet all without negativity, and
     remain in the illumination of
          devotional association.

Rasakhan says,
“Worship Govinda the way a village woman
     balances a water jug upon her head,
          with effortless concentration.”

Translation by Shyamdas

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