Saadi: In the Company of the Wine-maker

For more about the Sufi poet Saadi of Shiraz, see this earlier post.

In the Company of the Wine-maker

In the company of the Wine-maker
Happy Sufis did I see, lost and drunk.
Lovers truthful,
With the promise of the Beloved drunk,
The Lover is drunk, the Beloved drunk;
In their own secret they are drunk.
The Guide is drunk, the Leader is drunk;
With this mystery the Sheikh is drunk.
The puritan I saw in the tavern drunk;
The garden the people, the bazaar, all drunk.
Each I saw is unrestrained, oblivious;
The crow, the flowers, drunk,
The garden and the bowers, drunk.
The king is drunk with wealth, the poor
With poverty,
The beautiful with their beauty,
And the Lovers with the hope of union, drunk.

Tr. Mahmood Jamal

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