Sanai on Unity

He is One,
and number has no place in Him;
He is Absolute,
and dependence is far removed from Him,
—not that ‘one’ which reason and understanding can know,
—not that ‘absolute’ which sense and imagination can recognise.
He is not multitude or scarcity;
one multiplied by one remains one.
In duality is only evil and error;
in singleness is never any fault.

While multitude and confusion remain in your heart,
you may say ‘One’ or ‘Two,’
—it doesn’t matter, for both are the same.
You, the devil’s pasture, know for certain what,
and how much, and why, and how! Take care!
His greatness comes not from multitude;
His essence is above number and quality;
the impotent searcher may not ask, ‘Is it
or ‘Who‘ concerning Him.
No one has uttered the attributes of the Creator, HE,
—quantity, quality, why, or what, who and where.

His hand is power,
His face eternity.

All existences are subject to His omnipotence;
all are present to Him,
all seek Him.
The motion of light is towards light,
—how can light be separated from the sun?

from The Enclosed Garden of the Truth
Hakim Sani of Ghazna
based on the translation of Major J. Stephenson

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