Sri Ramakrishna on Faith

If thou hast faith, thou shalt attain to that for which thou longest.  He who has faith has all, and he who lacks faith lacks all.

Why talk of sin and hell-fire all the days of your life? Chant the name ofRamakrishna_image_cropped God. Do say but once, “I have, O Lord, done things that I ought not to have done, and I have left undone things that I ought to have done. O Lord, forgive me!” Saying this, have faith in Him, and you shall be purged of all sins.

Call with Bhakti upon the hallowed name of the Lord, and the mountain of your sins shall go out of sight, even as a mountain of cotton will burn up and vanish if it but catches one spark of fire.

A milkmaid had to come from the other side of a river to supply milk to a Brahmana priest. Owing to the irregularities of the ferry, she could not be punctual.  Once being rebuked, she explained her difficulty to the Brahmana.  The priest said, “But woman, they cross the ocean of existence by the name of God, and can you not by the same means cross this little river?” From the very next day, the milk was supplied to the Brahmana in proper time.  One day the priest asked the woman, “How is it that now you are no longer late?”  She replied, “Since I cross the river as advised by you, by uttering the name of the Lord, I stand in no need of a boatman.”  The priest could not believe this and wanted to see it for himself.  The woman took him with her and began to walk over the water.  The priest also tried to follow her but was soon seen to be sinking.  The woman seeing his sad plight said, “How is this, sir? You are uttering the name of God, but are at the same time taking every care to save your clothes from getting wet!  You do not fully rely on the Lord!” Entire resignation and absolute faith in God are at the root of all miraculous deeds.

from “Teachings of Sri Ramakrishna”

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