Tales : Bahlool and his choice of company

It happened once upon a time that Bahlool was sitting in a cemetery when the Khalifa Haroun al Rashid came riding by. The general opinion amongst the courtiers of the Khalifa was that Bahlool was a fool or a madman, but the Khalifa was not so sure.

“Bahlool,” called Haroun, “why are you sitting in the cemetery? Are you not lonely?”

“On the contrary,” said Bahlool, “I come here for the company.”

“For the compay?” said Haroun, “What company can you possibly find in a cemetery?”

“Company of the best kind,” Bahlool replied. “Here are people who do not gossip about me behind my back, who do not have any expectations of me, and who do nothing to cause me any pain. Can you say the same of your court?”

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