Tales : Birbal conveys good news

It happened once upon a time that the Emperor Akbar was given a parrot. The parrot was handsome and clever and able to speak, and the Emperor was delighted with the gift. He entrusted the bird to a servant, with orders that the parrot should be looked after very carefully, and that it must suffer no harm whatsoever.

But before the wishes of God, the commands of an Emperor mean nothing, and not long after this the servant discovered that the parrot was lying on the floor of its cage, lifeless. Fearing for his own life, the servant went to Akbar’s favourite minister, Birbal, and begged for his help.

“How can we tell His Majesty that the parrot is no more?” the servant said fearfully.

“Do not worry,” said Birbal. “I shall find a way.”

Birbal went to the throne room and said to Akbar, “Majesty, sincere congratulations. We must prepare a religious ceremony of thanksgiving.”

“For what?” asked the emperor.

“Because by your majesty’s sublime grace, your parrot has become a saint!”

“A saint?” said Akbar in surprise. “How is that?”

“Majesty, your holy bird now neither eats nor moves, and only looks up at the heavens!”

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