Tales : Four who went to pray

It has been told that four Sufis – if they were Sufis – went to say their prayers. As was the custom, they first removed their shoes, and then, in barefoot humility, began to address their Creator.

One Sufi, however, had a particularly fine pair of shoes, and he was preoccupied about leaving them unguarded while he prayed. He kept glancing toward where the shoes were lying, and when he thought he saw someone looking at his shoes with interest, he called out, “Hey, you! Get away from those shoes!”

The second Sufi, shocked by this outburst, turned to his brother and said, “What are you doing? It is forbidden to speak so during the prayers. You will have to begin again!”

Then the third Sufi said to the second Sufi, “Have you not heard the teaching that we should not accuse another of his fault? By speaking in this way, you have certainly spoiled your own prayers and will have to begin again.”

And the fourth Sufi said, “I am the only one who has not said anything.”

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    • Nawab Pasnak Post author

      Yes – it looks like any one who tries to claim first place is automatically disqualified from the race.


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