Tales : Freedom from all limitations

It happened once upon a time that a duck was swimming on a lake, and came into conversation with a fish that lived there. As they were both of a philosophical nature, they soon began to discuss the question of freedom.

“I admire you, friend fish,`” said the duck. “You glide so effortlessly through the water, as silent as a thought, one moment there, one moment somewhere else. Surely that is the essence of freedom.”

“Friend duck,” the fish replied, “it is true that with the flick of a fin I and my family may easily visit any portion of this large lake. According to our desire we may explore the depths and all the mysterious spaces amongst the plants and rocks. But we can enter the air for only a few seconds even if we jump with all our strength. You, on the other hand, can both swim and fly. Surely you know freedom better than we do.”

“Yes, friend fish,” said the duck, “that is so. My family has freedom both on the water and in the air, and that is most exhilarating. If I should tire of this lake, I can simply fly to another, feeling the wind lift my wings. But my freedom is also limited, and when freedom is limited, how can you call it freedom?”

“But, in what way is your freedom limited?” asked the fish.

“My people,” said the duck, “are very clumsy on land. With awkward, waddling steps we manage to make a nest when it is time to raise our young, but we do not have real freedom on the land, and I long to know what it is to be free of all limitations.”

At that moment a fox, who had been listening to their talk from the shore, called out, “Friend duck, come here. Just come to shore for a moment, and I will be very happy to free your soul from all limitations forever.”

2 Replies to “Tales : Freedom from all limitations”

  1. Josephine Lolicato

    Beloved Nawab
    The duck will not be so naive as to approach the fox in order to be free of limitation. Not yet. The fish are in a space of magnification accepting their current limitation. Either way both will face death and journey on from the limitations of form. Not yet for the spirit has a home. Stories can be charmingly instructive.

    • Nawab Pasnak Post author

      Beloved sister, thank you for your very interesting reflection on this little story. And I am glad you found it charming!


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