Tales : Krishna and the sweetness of devotion

It happened once that Lord Krishna went to pay a visit to his friend Uddhava, but when he came to his hut, Uddhava was not there.

Uddhava’s wife was thrown into great confusion by the arrival of the divine guest, whose beauty and charm were beyond compare. Wishing to wait for his friend, Lord Krishna asked for a seat, and she hastily gave him a place to sit.

Then, he asked her for something to eat. Scarcely knowing what she was doing, she gave him water to drink, and sitting humbly at his feet, began to peel bananas for him. But in her confusion, she offered the lord the peel of the banana, and threw away the fruit.

Just then, Uddhava returned, and when he saw what was happening, he took his wife’s place at Krishna’s feet. Now the Lord received the fruit, while Uddhava threw away the peel.

“Thank you, your bananas are deliciously sweet,” Lord Krishna told his friend, “but the peels tasted even better!”

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