Tales : Nasruddin finds gold

It happened once upon a time that Mullah Nasruddin was summoned to appear before the local magistrate for some alleged offence. Don’t ask what it was – the Mullah was surely innocent, but because of a misunderstanding, or perhaps false rumours and malicious gossip, he had to go and explain things to the judge, Unfortunately, he arrived late, when the magistrate was already preparing to leave for lunch.

“Mullah,” said the. magistrate severely, “you’re late!”

“Apologies, your excellency,” said Nasruddin. “You see, I found a lump of gold in the garden, and–”

“What?!” said the judge. “You found a lump of gold?”

“Yes, in my garden.”

“How big?”

“Oh,” said Nasruddin vaguely, “about the size of a potato, I suppose.”

“Mullah,” said the magistrate, “we must have a talk. Come and have lunch with me, my guest. And never mind about this charge against you, Look, I’m tearing it up.”

When they sat down to eat, the judge asked, “Have you thought what you want to do with the gold?”

“Your honour,” Nasruddin said, “you are such a pillar of the community, it would make me happy to give some of it to you.”

The judge smiled. “Mullah, your judgment of character is very sharp. Thank you. Oh, and by the way, I hope you put the gold somewhere safe.”

“No,” said Nasruddin sadly, “I wasn’t able to.”

“What? Why not?”

“Because,” said Nasruddin, “I woke up before I got to that part of the dream.”

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