Tales : Thank God!

It happened once upon a time that the donkey of Mullah Nasruddin went missing. As a lost donkey is of considerable significance in a small village, all of the Mullah’s neighbours dropped what they were doing and began to search for the animal – but without success.

At last, one of the villagers came to the Mullah and, with deep regret, told him that, although they had looked everywhere, the donkey could not be found.

“Thank God!” said Nasruddin, lifting his hands heavenward. “May His mercy be praised.”

“But, Mullah,:” said the man, “why are you thanking God? Losing your donkey is a serious matter.”

“It is a catastrophe,” agreed Nasruddin. “I have no money to replace it. But it could have been much worse. Imagine if I myself had been on the donkey when it disappeared!”

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