Tales : The Risk of Infection

It happened once upon a time that Mullah Nasruddin secured a position as the inspector of prisons. Well, why not? Who could be better qualified? Accordingly, he put on his best – and only – turban and began to interview the prisoners, asking each one, ””Why are you here?”

“It is all a misunderstanding,” the first man replied. “I was condemned for theft, but I assure your excellency, I was only carrying the bag for a friend of mine, and I had no idea what was in it. I am innocent.”

The next man said, “I was accused of beating a man, but I swear that he simply fell down the stairs, and in any case I was in another village at the time. I am innocent.”

The third man said, “I was convicted for bribery, but on my father’s memory I swear that the money just fell out of my pocket by accident when I was talking to the judge. I am innocent, your honour.”

The fourth man said, “Mullah, I am guilty of more crimes than I can tell you, and this immprisonment has forced me to think seriously about my life. I hope to overcome my wickedness.”

Immediately, Nasruddin called the guard. “Have this man removed at once,” he ordered. “His dishonesty is liable to infect all these innocent prisoners.”

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