Tales : The Value of Memory

Once a student came to a certain teacher in a state of deep depression.

“Master,” said the student, “no matter what I do, I do not seem to advance on the spiritual path. There are moments when I see glimpses of light, but then there are other moments when everything becomes hopeless again. What can I do?”

The teacher said, “Improve your memory.”

“My memory, Master? What do you mean?”

“When the sun rises in the morning and the world is fresh and birds sing, and there is dew on the grass, is it not inspiring?”

“Yes, Master, it is.”

“After a long day of struggling with one task after another, disputing with one person and then another, when you are covered with the dust of the world, are you not weary and troubled?”

“Yes, Master, I certainly am.”

“Then in the morning, when you rise, remember the fatigue of the evening that may await you, and you will appreciate the beauty of the morning even more. And in the evening, remember the happiness of the morning that you have known and that may come again, and the fatigue will become less troublesome. In this way, memory is your friend, for it shows that all is passing.”

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