The Dhammapada: Anger

Let go of anger.
Let go of pride.
When you are bound by nothing
You go beyond sorrow.

Anger is like a chariot careering wildly,
He who curbs his anger is the true charioteer.
Others merely hold the reins.

With gentleness overcome anger.
With generosity overcome meanness.
With truth overcome deceit.

Speak the truth.
Give whatever you can.
Never be angry.
These three steps will lead you
Into the presence of the gods.

The Dhammapada: The Sayings of the Buddha
Rendered by Thomas Byrom

One Reply to “The Dhammapada: Anger”

  1. Takbir Rodolfo Cortes

    How much thuth in the Buddas words, how simple they sound, how difficult is to do those three steps. With the Sufi daily practices we can help ourselves to fullfil these steps, that is what I have found.
    Thank you Murshid Nawab The inner call writings are so beautiful. I have become a fan, sorry about the word, of the writings that are being published, it is like they are meant for me and yes I m know that many people go through the same difficulties in this path.


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