What can I offer?

Just now we are engaged in a retreat at the Dargah of Hazrat Inayat, in Delhi, and the following formed part of a day’s assignment for the participants.

For what can a man give to God who is perfect? His goodness? His goodness is very little.
His prayers? How many times will he pray? The whole day he spends for himself.
—Hazrat Inayat Khan–

Considering the passage above, think about your life and ask yourself, ‘What do I offer to God?’ Reflect upon the general themes of your life, but also consider the present moment: what do you offer, or what can you offer, to God in this moment, in the here and now?

Keep this question with you through the rest of the day.

3 Replies to “What can I offer?”

  1. Karima Wijkniet

    Once I read :
    God’s gift to us is our life;
    what we do with it is our gift to God

    so, let me have a look ……..


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