What do I know about who I am?

Bullha, what do I know about who I am?

I am not a believer in the mosques, nor do I follow the rites of unbelief. I am not among the pure or the polluted. I am not Moses or Pharaoh.

I am not in the Vedas or in the scriptures I am not in drugs or in liquor. I am not among the drunken reprobates. I am not in waking, nor am I in sleep.

I am not in joy or in sadness; nor am I in pollution or purity. I am not of water or of earth, nor am I fire or air.

I am neither an Arab nor from Lahore, nor an Indian from Nagaur. I am not a Hindu, nor a Turk from Peshawar. Nor do I live in Nadaun.

I have not discovered the secret of religion, nor am I born of Adam and Eve. I have not given myself a name, nor am I found in sitting or moving about.

I know myself to be first and last. I do not recognize anyone else. No one is wiser than I am. Bullah, who is the lord standing here?

Sufi Lyrics by Bullhe Shah, translated by Christopher Shackle.

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