With Courage and Hope

Prayer for the New Year

O Thou, who abidest in our hearts,
Most Merciful and Compassionate God,
Lord of Heaven and Earth,
We forgive others their trespasses and 
ask Thy forgiveness of our shortcomings.
We begin this New Year

with pure heart and 
with clear conscience,

with courage and hope.
Help us to fulfill the purpose of our lives
under Thy Divine Guidance.


2 Replies to “With Courage and Hope”

  1. Huma


    Happy New Year brothers and sisters

    Infinite gratitude fills my heart
    for the blessings of this path of Love
    At each step
    In each breath
    For Murshid Nawab
    Who holds the light up high for us to follow
    For this gathering of souls
    One by One
    On our way

    God bless you all



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