Yusuf bin Husain : He asks as a beggar

Yusuf bin Husain was a 9th c. CE Sufi, perhaps from Persia, but little is known of his life. He is said to have studied with the Egyptian Sufi Dhul-Nun.

Yusuf said : The Lord Himself petitions the devotee to direct his attention toward Him. He asks of him as a beggar asks alms of a rich man; such is His anxiety to reclaim man. He entreats that he might come to Him.

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      • Howard Olivier

        Yes, I am not sure I can put it into succinct words! The perspetive I was viewing the story from is that God is treating us as if we were rich, and is anxious that we return to Him, putting Himself in a pose that feels ‘fresh’ to me.

        • Nawab Pasnak Post author

          Thank you, Howard, and I see the inversion. But the rich man does not see his own poverty, and will only discover it when he gives himself away.

          • Howard Olivier

            Yes, thank you Nawab, for restating this important facet.
            Much gratitude for your patient and inspiritng guidance as we sift through the layers.

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