A temporary pause

Dear friends, This is to let you know that it won’t be possible to continue regular posting for a few weeks.  Various commitments, including the International Summer School in the Netherlands, mean that there won’t be time for many posts this month.  I hope to be back in communication by the end of July.

You may want to remember the birthday of Hazrat Inayat Khan on July 5th.  During the summer days when the family lived in Sureness, this day was always celebrated with great happiness and an abundance of yellow roses.

Sending kindest regards to all who follow these pages, and with prayers for all blessings from Above on your life and your path toward the One,


9 Replies to “A temporary pause”

  1. Paulina Baca

    Gracias querido Nawab por comentarnos de esta pausa temporal… extrañaremos!!! y, por recordarnos el nacimiento de Hazrat Inayat, quien sigue permanentemente presente con las enseñanzas que aclaran el camino sufí a través tuyo.
    Que tengas muchas bendiciones y realices tu trabajo con paz y tranquilidad en el corazón. Abrazos. Talibah

  2. Takbir

    Dear Nawab, you will be missed this month. Hazrat Inayat Khan birthday will be remebered, thank you for reminding his birthday, I like the yellow roses, we will have yellow roses in our home that day. Many blessings tto Nirtan and to you dear Murshid.

  3. Walia Esperanza Holguin

    Gracias querido Murshid por tus valiosos mensajes, te extrañaremos este mes. Abrazos

  4. Maery Nauroz O'C

    Dearest Nawab – we shall just have to listen to the silence!
    It’s a beautiful wintry still atmosphere here in Sydney – so easier to do so…
    Thanks for the yellow roses tip!
    GB – Nauroz

  5. Juan Amin Betancur

    Dear murshid Nawab, wishing to you and to all the assistants to the summer school the most inspiring and fruitful retreat. Surely we’ll have later tasty and juicy spiritual fruits for the benefit of the Message and the Inner Call blog. We’ll be waiting eagerly, trying not to fall in a ‘restful slumber’, as the beautiful poem from Hafiz says…

  6. Zubin Shore

    Thank you Murshid, I join with the friends wishing you and all those gathered a blessed summer school, Love Zubin

  7. Huma

    Beloved Murshid thank you and yes you will be missed ! Your blog is the lighthouse that brings me back to shore : our beloved path.Looking forward to more pearls of wisdom!


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