The Path of the Cross

Apart from the school of the inner cult, there is another aspect of the work of the Movement, about which little can be said in words. But as the souls of the people in the world gradually are becoming awakened to the truth, certainly my sincere mureeds must at moments feel and realise it in their hearts. This aspect of the work is the Message, the message to unite mankind, the message to bring about a better understanding between nations and races which are so far apart from each other; the message to break the spirit of bitterness and prejudice that exists everywhere, and the Message, which the ears of the heart can hear better than the external ears, while its words the soul alone can understand, for it is the soul that can recognise the Voice from whence it comes.

The more my mureeds will regard Murshid and the cause with sympathy, the more they will become awakened to the responsibility, which rests upon Murshid, and upon them as mureeds. In this respect my mureeds are not only the students of a school of the inner cult, they are the army for the worldwide battle that the message has to fight with the forces which hinder the light of truth. Yes, we are very few, but it does not matter. In reality we are many if we recognise the purpose of our lives. One kindled soul will prove greater in power than ten thousand souls groping in darkness. You must have the staff of faith in your hand; you must hold a lantern in your hand with the light of truth.

Tolerate all, endure all, forgive all and with the strength of self-confidence and unshakeable faith in the message, you will stand by Murshid, serving with sincere devotion the great cause which is striking the note today.   There is no question as to the success of the message, for it is not a man-made scheme or a human enterprise. It is from above and it is the message of God. If in working our way we seem to fall, the fall is to rise still higher and with a still greater force. At the same time we are not working for a success; we are sowing the seed for the next generations to cut the crops. We are cooking the food for the coming generation to eat and therefore we must be conscious of self-sacrifice and we should not be looking for success. For every mureed knows more or less of Murshid’s efforts on the thorny path, constantly knocking against stone walls, continually walking barefoot upon unsheathed swords. And those mureeds who think and sympathise and hear their call must also be ready to do, in their sphere, whatever lies in their power to make the path of Murshid easier, a path which in reality is from beginning to end the path of the cross.

from “Two Aspects of the Sufi Movement”
Hazrat Inayat Khan

4 Replies to “The Path of the Cross”

  1. Judith Helen Shaw

    Thank you so much. The beauty of this analogy that ‘we are sewing the seed for the next generation to cut the crops and cooking the food for the coming generation’ brought tears to my eyes.
    What a lovely reading.

  2. Huma

    These seeds will sprout one day on this earth . We are the humble gardners.As i kneel down , i can feel the Infinity of the Sky above me and the firmness of Earth belove .It’s the simple way of Love above all .Thank you Murshid!The Message shines like the northen star in these troubled skies.And yet along these thorny paths ….so much Beauty ! It leaves me empty, speachless, with nothing to say .God Bless you beloved Murshid


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