Abdullah Ansari: My Heart is Impatient

Here are more of the Intimate Conversations of Abdullah Ansari, first introduced in this post.

O God,
others are intoxicated by wine:
I am intoxicated by the cupbearer.
their intoxication is ephemeral,
but mine abides forever.

* * *

O God,
Being such as I am, my search for you is blasphemous.
What am I to do?
My heart is impatient to know you.

* * *

O God,
Should I complain of what is?
Or of what isn’t?
It is absurd to complain of what is.
It is wishful thinking to complain of what isn’t.

* * *

O God,
I have bought what you offered me:
Of this world and the next
I have chosen your love.

Tr. Wheeler M. Thackston

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