Hazrat Inayat: Life is a Rhythm

The following question and answer were recorded at the end of a talk in the home of Baronne d’Eichthal in Paris, in 1924.

Q. : The regularity of the hour at which the practices are done, is that of importance?

A. : It is better to do practices regularly at regular times, but if you do not do them at regular times, then it is better to do them at different times than not to do them.  Many times those who do regular practices, if they have not done them at a certain time, they think, “Now the hour is past, I shall not do them.”  Very often a person feels so tired that one says, “Well, it does not matter if i do not do the practices; next day I shall do them.” But never avoid practices, however tired you are, because once you have mastered the practice, the practice itself will take away all tiredness.

I shall tell you another thing. If a person were told that, “If you will go every day to the bank and pay a visit, you will get so much interest on your account.”  Do you think he will say that, “I am too tired to go to the bank,” then?  However tired he may be, after coming to the bank and feeling that, “I have so much added to my interest,” he will feel refreshed.  Well, I can say for certain that each practice adds in your life a certain bliss, a bliss in all forms: in the form of inspiration, in the form of power, in the form of health, in the form of success. And when there is such an enormous benefit which for some time a person did not see, if he lost it by not doing it, by being tired, he has two losses: not doing it, and being tired.  I would get still more tired and gain something, rather than being tired and lose.

Besides, life is a rhythm, and this rhythm must not be broken.  And practices have a living influence in your life, and the continuity of the practices makes them more living and more full of power.  But when the rhythm is broken one day and then continued, it is a loss, and a great loss, too.

And now about the readings, the readings which are given to mureeds are special readings, and for mureeds to gather together, have a silence and attend to those readings, there is a great bliss.  If you only knew that when five persons come together and have a silence together and meet in the thought of divine inspiration and wisdom, what great power is produced by it.  And when there is this facility given, I hope that all my mureeds will try to avail of its benefit.  I am sure that our Sheikha Baroness d’Eichthal is doing everything in her power to arrange for mureeds to attend those meetings. Also there will be a devotional service now in the mornings. And those who wish to go to their particular churches may go after or before.

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