Abdullah Ansari : Sign of Friendship

It should be understood that Abdullah Ansari here speaks of friendship with God, or as he puts it, with Divine Truth. For more about this early Sufi, see this post.

The sign of acquiring the response of friendship
        is contentment.
That which increases the splendour of friendship
        is devotion.
The principal fund of the treasure of friendship
        is light.
The fruit of the tree of friendship
        is delight.
The one who dissociates himself from this world and the Hereafter
        is justified.
The one who solicits from the Friend any gift but the Friend
        is ungrateful.
Friendship is friendship with Divine Truth,
        and all the rest is temptation.

Translation A.G. Ravan Farhadi

2 Replies to “Abdullah Ansari : Sign of Friendship”

  1. Howard Olivier

    Thank you for sharing this. What a powerful distinction on solicitations: The one who solicits from the Friend any gift but the Friend
    is ungrateful.

    • Nawab Pasnak Post author

      Yes, it is very clear – but it applies to the one to whom friendship has been granted.If one is not so intimate, then to ask the Divine for daily needs would be appropriate.


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