Abhinavagupta : Remain as you are

Abhinavagupta (ca. 950 – 1016 CE) was a philosopher and mystic born into a Brahmin family in Kashmir. He was familiar with all the philosophical and practical aspects of what is today called Kashmir Shaivism, and his writings are highly respected by Kashmiri Pandits. The following verses are from a hymn dedicated to the ‘method of no-method.’

In this highest state of supreme God consciousness (anuttara)
there is no need of spiritual progress,
no contemplation, no art of expression,
no investigation, no meditation, no concentration, no recitation, exertion or practice.
Tell me then, what is the supreme and well-ascertained truth?
Listen indeed to this!
Neither abandon nor accept anything,
enjoy everything.
Remain as you are!

In reality, there is no such thing as birth and death, so how can the question arise of bondage for living beings?
There never was any such bondage
for the one who is entirely free,
and therefore, to struggle for liberation is useless and nothing more than delusion–like a dark shadow mistaken for a demon, or a rope seen as a snake.
It is all based on deceitful perception which has no substance.
Neither abandon nor accept anything,
remain as you are,
well established in your own Self.

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