Abul Qasim : Between two relationships

Abul Qasim Nasrabadi (d. 978 CE) was a Persian Sufi, the student of Shibli, and the master of later Sufis of Khorosan. It is recorded that he said:

You are between two relationships, one to Adam and one to God. If you claim relationship to Adam, you will enter the arenas of lust and the places of corruption and error, for by this claim you seek to realise your claim to humanity. In the Koran (33:72) God has said, “Surely man is wrong-doing, ignorant.”

If however, you claim relationship to God, you will enter the stations of revelation and evidence and protection from error and sainthood, for by this claim you seek to realise your service. In the Koran (25:63) God has said : “And the servants of the Most Gracious are those who walk on the earth in humility.” Relationship to Adam ends at the Resurrection, whereas the relationship of being a servant of God subsists always and is unalterable.

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