Arise and Watch

Arise and watch.
Follow the way joyfully
Through this world and beyond.

Follow the way of virtue.
Follow the way joyfully
Through this world and on beyond!

For consider the world–
A bubble, a mirage.
See the world as it is,
And death shall overlook you.

Come, consider the world,
A painted chariot for kings,
A trap for fools.
But he who sees goes free.

As the moon slips from behind a cloud
And shines,
So the master comes out from behind his ignorance
And shines.

The world is in darkness.
How few have eyes to see!
How few the birds
Who escape the net and fly to heaven!

Swans rise and fly toward the sun.
What magic!
So do the pure conquer the armies of illusion
And rise and fly.

If you scoff at heaven
And violate the law,
If your words are lies,
Where will your mischief end?

The fool laughs at generosity.
The miser cannot enter heaven.
But the master finds joy in giving
And happiness is his reward.

‘The World’
The Dhammapada: The Sayings of the Buddha
Rendered by Thomas Byrom

2 Replies to “Arise and Watch”

  1. Juan Amin Betancur

    Gracias Nawab! Hermoso escrito que nos alienta para seguir luchando por despertar totalmente y esforzarnos en la maestría…

  2. Zubin Shore

    How many profound metaphors in this poetic teaching from the Dhammapada, thank you Murshid/s


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