Bullhe Shah: The Departure Drum Sounds Tomorrow

What have you spread yourself out on? You are here for only a few moments.
It is a fair that is over in a flash. Do something, now is the time. This moment, this day is your opportunity.Weeks_Edwin_Lord_Arrival_of_a_Caravan_Outside_The_City_of_Morocco
You got one night’s stay in this caravanserai. When you get here, do not spread yourself out. Tomorrow the departure dry sounds for everyone.
You have come from that abode. You have settled yourself here as a human being. Now leave the party—you have a task to perform.
Bullhe Shah, this is your delusion. You have loaded a heavy mountain on your head. This is not the road or passage to that destination.

Bullhe Shah : Sufi Lyrics
Tr. Christopher Shackle

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