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Dear friends and readers, emails are starting to arrive privately, saying that comments on articles posted here have been rejected as ‘spam.’  I am very sorry for this, but in a way I am also relieved.  I noticed the recent lack of comments, and was beginning to think that perhaps the interest in these posts was waning.

Without unnecessary details, the problem is a plug-in to the software that is intended to keep out unwanted traffic.  There are many such plug-ins, each one claiming to be better than all the rest.  When ‘The Inner Call’ first began, one such plug-in was installed and appeared to work very well, until an upgrade of it caused the site to crash.  That plug-in was discarded and another installed, but it looks like the replacement is being too officious, refusing all comments and leaving the site in silence–a sort of overambitious security guard who doesn’t recognise the guests.

I am on my way home from India now, and I hope that this will be solved in the next few days.  Apologies to all those who were temporarily silenced, and warmest greetings to all.


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