Galib : If I say

Seyh Galib (1757 – 1799 CE) is considered to be the last of the classical Ottoman poets. He was born in Istanbul, and following family tradition, established a career for himself in the Ottoman bureaucracy, but then left this to devote himself to the spiritual life. He became the Sheikh of the Mevlevi centre in Galata, where he remained all his life. His mystical, often highly symbolic poetry was celebrated even by the emperor, Selim III. He should not be confused with the slightly later Mirza Ghalib of Delhi, who was the court poet of the last Mughal emperor of India.

If I say that the skies have opened, the spring has come,
I mean that my beloved has shown me some affection.

If I say that the meadow is adorned with blossoms,
it conveys that my sweetheart spoke to me with a smile.

Translation Bernard Lewis

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