Glimpses : The Voice of Murshid

During the Summer School of 1926, in the course of a conversation with some mureeds about practices and esoteric subjects, the question was raised about some people apparently hearing the voice of Hazrat Inayat Khan psychically, from a distance. Pir-o-Murshid’s response throws light on the nature of the heart connection and the essential respect between the student and the Murshid.

Well, this case comes very often before me, and sometimes it has troublesome phenomena. Once a person came straight to my house, telling me, ‘I have heard your voice, that you called me so I have come,’ and I was very surprised. And I was in a terrible state – if I say to this person that you have not heard my voice, that would lead that person to absolutely lose faith in me and in herself.

Another time, I was in some other country, and this [same] person came and surprised me, and I said, how did you happen to come here? Murshid, I have heard your voice, and I have just answered. I was simply surprised. I said, how strange. It frightened me.

A third time, I was in a country and this person again appeared on the horizon. I became simply spellbound with surprise, with amazement. I asked this person how you happened to come here? She said, Murshid, I have heard your call. I asked, did you receive a telegram? Please never come again until you have received a telegram.

Now, as to hearing the voice […] the great sign of the link with Murshid is to feel his pleasure and displeasure. That is the best proof of the link, to be able to look at life from his point of view, to understand the meaning of his ways and words, that is the link.

We are thankful to live in this time when telegrams are so less costly, and there is air mail, and there is express correspondence, there are telephones, it is not necessary to communicate in this way. You might think from the story of my biography that I used to go to my Murshid’s presence whenever he thought of me, but never there was a desire on the part of Murshid to call me by a thought. He did not call for me. Only it was the effect, the influence of his wish of seeing me, his fancy, his pleasure reflecting upon me no matter where I was, no matter what distance. I felt a drawing and I went. But when I went, I did not say, Murshid, did you call me? Did you send for me? Never. The servants in the house, or the son, perhaps, standing outside, might say, Murshid was remembering you this morning. And I have felt it. This is the link – to be psychic and at the same time to be normal.

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