Hazrat Inayat: What spirit is

If we could only understand what spirit is, we would esteem the human being much more than we do now. We trust man so little, we believe in man so little, we respect man so little, we esteem the possibilities he has so little. If we only knew what was at the back of every strong and weak soul, we should know that there is every possibility, and we should never underestimate anyone, or fail to respect any man in spite of all he may lack; we should recognize that it is the Creator creating through all the different forms; but it is one Creator; and all that is built and prepared and made and composed, is made by that one Being working through this world of variety.

The Message series, vol II: Cosmic Language, chapter iv

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  1. Shamsher van Hees

    Beautiful words, just like the rest of the chapter. In these days when we think about resurrection, it comes into my mind to act and react still more in a loving and harmonious way to the people I meet and think about, because of the strong and long lasting effect of what we think and do. It makes me still more aware of my responsability. Thank you very much Nawab.


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