Sant Dariya : You have nothing to worry about

Sant Dariya sahib was a saint in Bihar during the 17th-18th c. For more about him, see this earlier post. ‘Nam’ means the divine name; ‘satguru’ is the true guide.

You have nothing to worry about.
Be free from worries,
And remain immersed in love for the Beloved.
He shall take you across the ocean of the world,
If you seek support of his boat sailing in this ocean.

No amulet, charm, yogic practice
     or other holy repetition is of any avail.
Only he provides the technique which destroys sins,
     and removes vices from the heart.

By seeing and reflecting within your heart,
     says Daria,
You will be freed from all ills
Just by kindling the wick of Nam
     with the Satguru’s lamp.

Translation  K. N. Upadhyaya

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