Tales : I am nothing

It happened once upon a time that a certain teacher and his student were occupied with their prayers and practices when, by Divine Grace, which moves according to its own will and never answers to the demands of earthly logic, they were both transported to the highest heavens and placed upon the carpet of the Holy Throne Room itself. Light too brilliant to bear shone around them, and the infinite voices of the angelic choir chanted with heavenly joy unceasing praise of the Creator.

When they returned to the dusty ground of earthly life, and were able at last to speak, the teacher said in a trembling voice to the student, “Did you see?”

“See what, master?”

“See what?” echoed the master. “Did you not look up at the Throne?”

“Look up?” said the student. “Oh, master, I am nothing! I am too insignificant to think of looking up.”

“Idiot!” said the teacher. “If you want to be nothing, looking up would have cured you of your self for ever!”

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