Tales : Making a way for the generous

It happened once upon a time in the village of Chelm, where as it is recognised by all the world the Creator has bestowed an unusual quality of good sense on the residents, that a black-hearted thief broke into the place of prayer and stole the poor box.

The Chelmites were very sorry at this outrageous behaviour, and vowed that it would not be allowed to happen again. After careful thought, they decided that the poor box must be replaced, but this time, instead of standing on the floor, within the reach of any thieving, unwashed and uncivilised hand, they would fasten the poor box to the ceiling.

The new poor box was fixed in its place, and all stood looking up and admiring it in its new location, until one Chelmite said, “But friends, there is a problem. How would anyone with a generous heart, may they be rewarded in heaven, reach the poor box to make a donation?”

Immediately all saw the wisdom of this observation, for such is gift of the people of Chelm, and they began to consider what to do. The answer soon appeared. “It is not difficult,” said one. “We must build some stairs, so that the charitable people can reach the poor box.”

And, since all agreed that this was a fine solution, that is what they did.

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