Tales : Marine Spirituality

It happened once upon a time that some creatures of the sea were having a conversation about spirituality. Don’t be surprised! Humans are not the only creatures who wish to discuss that of which nothing sensible can be said.

An oyster, fixed firmly on a rock, said, “I dream of freedom, the liberty to explore the infinite sea without restrictions, and yet I feel a deep conflict. How could I ever abandon my shell?”

An octopus lounging nearby said,”I long for peace. The profound stillness of the depths appeals to my soul. But my tentacles are more restless than the waves on the shore. They constantly search and explore every crevice, and I have no power to keep them still.”

Just then a piece of seaweed floating by said, “The storms of life have ripped me from my home, and now I have no attachments.”

“Then you must be truly happy,” said the oyster.

“Do not say so,” replied the seaweed. “I should be happy, but I cannot give up my longing for the sun.”

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  1. Ashraf

    Siempre buscando , el jardín de el vecino es mejor
    Conformarnos con nosotros, en el entorno profundizando más , hasta romper la concha del corazon , vivir en la belleza del todo
    Mensaje hermoso


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