Tales : Medicine

It happened once upon a time that a young man came to a khankah, and was accepted by the Murshid as a student. The Murshid gave the new student the duty of cleaning the latrines of the khankah,

The young man came from an aristocratic family, and his mother was also a doctor. When the mother heard what duty her son had been given, she sent a message to the Murshid : “I will send you ten servants to clean the latrines. Please give my son another duty.”

The Murshid replied, “How surprising to receive such a message from someone who knows the healing arts. If your son developed a disorder of the liver, would you expect to cure him by having ten servants drink the medicine?”

The son continuers to clean the latrines, and in later life became himself a great Murshid who inspired and guided many students.

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