Tales : Seeker and Stay-at-home

There were, once upon a time, two friends who grew up in a small village, far off in the countryside. One, Seeker, was restless, always asking questions about life, and thirsty for knowledge. The other, Stay-at-home, was content – more or less – with the quiet life of the village. So it happened that at a young age, Seeker left to wander through the world, while Stay-at-home remained behind to settle down and raise a family.

Then one day, after a long time, Seeker reappeared in the village, and the two friends embraced, happy to see one another again. Eagerly they sat together, exchanging news. Then, Stay-at-home asked, “Tell me, dear friend – you were so thirsty to find knowledge. After all these years of travel, did you learn anything?”

“Well, yes,” said Seeker, “I did learn one thing.”

“What is that?”

“I learned that I will die.”

“What?” said Stay-at-home in surprise.. “But everyone in the village knows that someday they will die.”

“Yes,” said Seeker, “perhaps everyone knows it. But not everyone LIVES as if they know it.”

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