Dear followers of the ‘Inner Call,’ for the next three weeks or so there will be only occasional posts here.  I am travelling to retreats in the Netherlands and in Australia, and of course that makes it difficult to put new material in the blog.  However, there are now hundreds of items in our archives that are worth a second or third look, in case anyone feels the need–material enough to construct your own personal retreat, if you want to.  I look forward to being in touch again when it is possible.

Wishing you all blessings from above in your spiritual path, and sending loving greetings,


11 Replies to “Travelling”

  1. Devaki

    Dearest Nawab
    Namaste Ji . Have a good trip and enjoy your Retreat in the Netherlands and I very much look forward to seeing you in Amberley very soon, and I love reading all your posts in The Inner call.
    Love and God’s blessings

  2. Talibah

    Gracias siempre!, amado Murshid, por tus enseñanzas y por tu sugerencia de releer. Que recibas todas las bendiciones.

  3. Juan Amin Betancur

    Muy buen viaje y que cada retiro esté lleno de inspiración del Espíritu de Guía para tí y para todos los asistentes. Muchos abrazos querido maestro Nawab!

  4. Johara

    Dear Nawab, Thank you so much for all the posts and looking forward to seeing you in wahwiller this week. Loving regards Johara

  5. Hafiz

    May the Divine Presence and the Spirit of Guidance iluminate every single step and thought during those journeys. We will be united to you heart to heart.

  6. Hadi

    Dear Nawab,
    May you enjoy your trips to these beautiful countries, wishing you inspiring contacts with all your students there.

  7. Mahila

    Muy querido Nawab. Que la Sabiduría Divina esté contigo en tus próximos Retiros llevando el Mensaje y la Paz que tanto necesita el mundo entero.

  8. Sharifa

    Dearest Murshid,

    May you have safe trips and the company of the Spirit of Guidance. I hope to see you at some point.
    Sending loving greetings,


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