Viladat Inayat

Viladat means nativity or birth, and in the Sufi Movement the 5th of July is called Viladat Day, the birthday of Hazrat Inayat Khan – he was born on this day in Baroda in 1882. We hope that all the visitors to the pages of the Inner Call will celebrate today in whatever way seems appropriate. Although it is nearly a century since he left this plane, Hazrat Inayat continues to inspire people all over the world, and this would be a good day to think of him and his service to the Message with gratitude. What present could we offer to the Master?

It also seems to be a good moment to allow his voice to be heard. The audio clip below is a recording of Hazrat Inayat singing a heartfelt and powerful Invocation,, ‘Allah ho Akbar, La el laha el Allah hu.’


This second clip is a short (too short!) recording from 1926 of Hazrat Inayat Khan explaining about the Sufi Message.

The Sufi Message…

2 Replies to “Viladat Inayat”

  1. Huma

    Thank you Murshid Nawab for the gift of Murshid ‘s voice.. Above many other things.
    Infinite gratitude to our beloved Master!The power of his soul shines through time and space and guides us on this path of love, now and forever…with all my heart, thank you


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