Guest Room : Clay When Buried

The following lines were sent as a response to the post The Treasure in the Field, but comments to the Inner Call are regrettably easy to overlook so we present them here in the Guest Room. Huma Paola Masi is a ceramic artist and poet working in Barcelona.

To those who are drunk on This
comes this unspeakable awe
a silence
so moving
filled with music
so precious
no words can say 

But some can,
the clear Mirrors
and so the Master speaks
from the treasure house,
where all riches are to be found
but no thief ……..

when buried
through death and decay
gains plasticity

So we dig
head down
and wait

This Treasure,

An Art
so bright
cannot be hidden
from those who see

4 Replies to “Guest Room : Clay When Buried”

  1. Walia

    Dear Huma, a hidden treasure is the inspiration of your creations, the great ceramist, the great poet. Thank you very much.
    And thank you very much dear Murshid, for sharing with us the hidden treasures, it has been a veil in my understanding.


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