Rahman Baba : Sow flowers

For a little more about this dervish and revered Psshto poet, see this earlier post.

Sow flowers to make a garden bloom around you,
The thorns you sow will prick your own feet.

Arrows shot at others
Will return to hit you as they fall.

You yourself will come to teeter on the lip
Of a well dug to undermine another.

Though you look at others with contempt,
It’s you whose body will be reduced to dust.

Humanity is all one body;
To torture another is simply to wound yourself.

When you don’t look for faults in others,
They will conceal your weaknesses in return.

Make your path straight now, by the bright light of day;
For pitch darkness will come without warning.

Consider no wickedness insignificant, however slight;
For the little deeds of darkness soon pile up.

If another does you harm, return them good;
Or evil will devour you too.

The heart that is safe in the storm
Is the one which carries
Others’ burdens
Like a

Translation Robert Sampson and Momin Khan

2 Replies to “Rahman Baba : Sow flowers”

  1. Huma

    Beloved Murshid
    Among the rubbles of the wars and the dark night approaching
    In the name of some god, or other
    Truth is all that stands
    And this is all we are
    All we have
    to share
    Until the light of day will break once again
    May the Message of love, harmony and beauty guide us all towards the One at every step, in every breath
    God bless you Murshid
    God bless you all

  2. Mauricio Navarro J. Abdel KABIR

    Wowww… qué belleza maestro Nawab. Sólo Amor compasivo hacia todo y todos.

    También muchas gracias Huma por tu poesía.

    Bendiciones para todos hoy y siempre.


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