Tales : Nasruddin tells the truth

It happened once upon a time that the village of Mullah Nasruddin had a visit from the census-taker. This official came visiting from time to time, sent by the governor of the province, to record details such as births, deaths, the number of people in the household, and so on.

When it was Nasruddin’s turn to stand in front of the official’s desk, the census-taker asked him, “Age?”

“Forty-two,” said Nasruddin promptly.

The census taker looked at Nasruddin, and then looked at his list. “But Mullah,” he said, “you told me you were forty-two the last time I was here. That was two years ago.”

“Certainly,” said Nasruddin. “And I always tell the truth. If it was true two years ago, how can it not be true now?”

2 Replies to “Tales : Nasruddin tells the truth”

  1. Amjad

    Truth is absolute! It was, is, and will be so, independent of time…
    Is it right dear Murshid Nawab? Please elaborate it further or is there some other dimension too?

    • Nawab Pasnak Post author

      Dear brother Amjad, yes, Truth is absolute – but it is also beyond form or expression – these may point toward it but cannot contain it. Nasruddin is evoking ‘truth’ in the transient world of name and form, where it seems to be lost. It takes the eye of a wise person to find the Truth in the world of manifestation.


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